About Us

TISIRI Corp is a 501c3 non-profit organization focusing efforts in reef creation, environmental conservation, and marine awareness. TISIRI stands for “Think It, Sink It, Reef It.” We generate reef concepts incorporating recycled material and ultimately create marine bio-diverse hot spots. These reefs are appreciated by fisherman, divers, environmentalists, industries, and marine life.

As knowledgeable stewards of offshore Florida waters, TISIRI is also aware that creating marine habitat just isn't enough. We also focus efforts in raising marine conservation awareness and performing reef maintenance task. Underwater habitat that has been visited by fishermen over the years tends to accumulate unfathomable amounts of snagged fishing line and anchor rope. These items become entanglement hazards for marine life and often do not biodegrade. We coordinate reef clean-up events to remove as much of these entanglement hazards as possible.

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