Monthly Archives: November 2016

Goliath Grouper National Geographic Story

The Sunday following Thanksgiving National Geographic published this story about Goliath Grouper. TISIRI's Joe Kistel was the field producer and cinematographer, Ed Kalakauskis the support diver, and Larry Davis served as base camp support. A big thanks to Collier County, Chris D'Arco, Dr. Angela Collins, and KrackONoon...
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Over 111,000 Invasive Lionfish Removed From Florida Waters

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission announced today that over 111,000 invasive Lionfish have been removed from Florida waters since May of 2016. Pretty awesome but it is important to note that figure is only considering documented Lionfish removals. In all likelihood many more Lionfish have...
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“Sunken Conservation” at Blue Ocean Film Festival

We at TISIRI are proud to announce that our documentary "Sunken Conservation" was screened at the prestigious Blue Ocean Film Festival this November. The Blue Ocean Film Festival is a top international film hosting event that features environmental focused productions. Many other fantastic films were screened...
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