Monthly Archives: January 2015

Spadefish "Tornado" News Media Story

While filming the sunken vessel below there came a moment when all of the sudden everything became dark. When the divers looked up they found a massive school of Atlantic spadefish blocking the available sunlight. Cameraman Kistel tried to capture some of the encounter and the massive "tornado" shape the school of spadefish created.
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Downtown Jacksonville Reef Project News Story

Below is a very well presented news media story discussing the completion and benefits of the new urban reefs near downtown Jacksonville. Story by Lindsey Boetsch of First Coast News.ABC/NBC News Story: Read More

St. Johns River Reef Complete… Project Video Story

The purpose of the this project was to create habitat benefitting the river environment while providing a recreational fishing destination. The total deployment took 18 barge loads to the two permitted reef sites (the Coastal Conservation Association Reef and the George Holt Reef) over a two week time frame. Below is the video story that shows much of the efforts in making this project a reality.
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