Monthly Archives: April 2014

Offshore Jacksonville Lionfish Harvest Success

4-27-14We had a successful day of harvesting invasive lionfish thanks to a dedicated team of conservation focused participants. Over 150 lionfish were removed from three different artificial reef sites offshore Jacksonville Florida. Two of the reefs visited were sunken vessels known as the Spike and the Powerful, and...
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Lionfish Invasion Control Efforts News Segment

ABC/NBC news segment featuring lionfish control efforts. Unfortunately the problem does not seem to be getting any better but is in fact much worse. It is hoped lionfish harvest efforts and the associated research will help lead the way to more manageable control. Read More

Lionfish Blast Video Project Teaser Clip

Holy cow! Participants in the Northeast Florida Lionfish Blast tournament have already brought in close to 1200 invasive lionfish. We went out on a scouting trip this past weekend in preparation for a filming trip later this month. We decided to put a video teaser clip...
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