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Coastal Angler Features TISIRI's Buried Sea Bass Discovery

I have thought I have seen it all when it comes to sea bass and their typical behaviors but during a recent aircraft wreckage investigation, we observed something that I have never observed before. We were at a site that contained very little structure including two partially buried civilian aircraft engines. Sea bass were everywhere. When swimming from one engine to another I noticed what I thought was a dead sea bass partially buried on its side. As I approached it I noticed its one exposed eye was moving and following me. I took a few pictures and moved on not knowing what I had just observed. A little bit further in my swim another sea bass popped out of the ground right in front of me. I did not see where he came from. From then on I started paying more attention and found three or four more sea bass buried like a flounder with one eye facing up. We have never seen this before!
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