Monthly Archives: November 2012

Discovery Channel Features TISIRI

The Discovery Channel recently broadcast their TISIRI underwater investigation story. Click the image below to watch the story. Further below are behind the scenes images captured throughout the production efforts. TISIRI really enjoyed working with the production crew of the Discovery Channel.
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"Life By Accident" Plane Wreck to Reef TV Story

TISIRI divers encounter aircraft wreckage offshore St. Augustine Florida and begin an investigation. After several scuba diving surveys a data plate is discovered that says "Property of US." The data plate is ultimately cleaned ad more information is obtained. It is the determined that the aircraft is an A7 that crashed back in 1974. The pilot, Robert Besal, was able to eject safely and serve out a decorated navy career. The TISIRI team reached out to retired Rear Admiral Besal informing him they have found his plane. Besal made the visit to St. Augustine and the TISIRI team led him out to the are where the now reef resides.
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