Monthly Archives: October 2012

A Visit to The Discovery Montessori School

TISIRI's "Gee Wiz Ed" and "Scuba Joe" made a visit to the Discovery Montessori school earlier today. The Discovery students were introduced to a variety of interesting underwater critters that make the offshore waterways of North Florida their home.
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TISIRI Artist Scholarship Opportunity

TISIRI is working towards publishing a brief chldren's book and is looking for an illustrator. If you consider yourself an artist and can create animated characters, click here to learn more and apply for the scholorship.
[singlepic id=507 w=202 h=320 float=right]A children's book is being created regarding...
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Jacksonville Spike Reef; Three Years Later

Kistel and Davis reported excitement having been able to revisit the reef. They reported fish everywhere including schools of tomtates and beeliners so thick in the ship that you could not see light coming through the large openings on the other side. Other fish species observed included spadefish, barracuda, gag grouper, and unfortunately lionfish. Kistel stated there was no shortage of invertebrate life as well. The hull appeared encrusted with barnacles, coralline algae, and even some stony coral. Other critters included plenty of sea urchins and even scallops.
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Want a Vintage WWII Bronze Port Hole?

How would you like an authentic bronze ship port hole? You could create a great display piece generating curiosity by all who encounter it, or simply enjoy the antique for its high value.[singlepic id=1404 w=175 h=175 float=right]This beauty is massive; with an overall diameter of 18 inches and...
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North Florida Lionfish Harvest Trip

In an effort to combat the invasive lionfish epidemic, TISIRI and Offshore Dive Charters continue to execute lionfish round up events. Our most recent effort included fifteen divers visiting three different reefs offshore Jacksonville Florida. The goal of the event was to capture as many lionfish as safely possible. Awards were granted to lionfish harvesters in several different categories. See picture of the harvest efforts below:
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Search and Recover Mission

You may recall from news reports that a small aircraft disappeared off the coast of Jacksonville recently. The incident took place on September 23 and neither the plane nor the pilot have been found. Based on information obtained we feel there is a high probably of locating the aircraft if it is searched for. We are coordinating a search, and possible recovery mission, for mid to late this week. A sonar track search grid has been designed for the area we will examine with a side-scan sonar.
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