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Investigating Hopper Car Reef, Lee County Florida

TISIRI divers entered the water around 9:30am not knowing what to expect when they reached the sea floor having never dove this reef area before. Water was very clear near the surface but degraded to about 15-20 feet of visibility at the ocean floor. The reef is described as being made from metal hopper cars and TISIRI divers encountered reef material very similar to some older metal barge reefs they have investigated in the past. The structure provided relief up to 20 feet in some areas and could best be described as mangled metal. Divers reported a great dive but warn other divers to be cautious while diving due to the projecting metal pieces throughout.
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Mohawk Cutter Deployed At Charlie's Reef

The deployment was a great event with great weather, 100's of spectator boats, and an entertaining fireworks show. The Mohawk was sunk by the means of cutting charges; explosives that cut through the vessels hull allowing water to rush in. After the explosives were detonated the Mohawk sunk within minutes.TISIRI's Joe Kistel and Ed Kalakauskis participated in the deployment events and investigated nearby artificial reef locations for TISIRI's Reefs Reveal mapping efforts. Stay tuned for the deployment day video and pictures from near by reef locations.
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Reef Ship Mohawk Departs Fort Myers

In less then 24 hours the cutter Mohawk will be resting on the sea floor offshore Lee county. Today, TISIRI's Joe Kistel and Ed Kalakauskis wish the Mohawk bon voyage. At roughly 9:30 this morning the ship called the Mohawk was untied from her last pier-side docking at Kelly Bro's Marina. The vessel began her tow offshore Lee County to anchor offshore for the sinking event tomorrow.
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