Monthly Archives: March 2012

First Coast News Lionfish Story

Mike Prangley of Jacksonville's First Coast News discusses recent lionfish sightings with TISIRI's Joe Kistel. Lionfish are not new to the waters of north east Florida but this is the first reported TISIRI sighting in the area since 2009. Lionfish sightings are a concern because lionfish are not known to have natural predators in non-native Atlantic waters,they are aggressive eaters, and reproduce at early ages. The fear is these animals will severally deplete populations of other native fish and invertebrate species.
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TISIRI's Reefs Revealed featured in Coastal Angler

TISIRI's Reefs Revealed project is featured in the March 2012 Coastal Angler Magazine. The article describes how the Reefs Revealed project is providing detailed imagery and data of North East Florida's Reefs. See the article by Joe Kistel by clicking on the image below and search for page 36.
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