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Below is a sample of one of our reef site pages. Each sponsored reef page will include the following information: Pictures and video of the reef and its ocean dwellers, confirmed cordinates, depth, and a reef structure description. Viewers are provided an actual view of the reef and its inhabitants. Offshore enthusiast visit these pages frequently to familierize themselves with offshore reefs and as an aid in deciding their ocean destination possibilities. Your advertisement will be featured at the top of reef site page and link directly to your web page. Your sponsorship contribution will aid TISIRI in performing the required photo, video, and data confirmation efforts.

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We offer three basic levels of sponsorship regarding this program. For a $299.00 contribution a Reefs Revealed page will be created featuring your banner ad link. A $550.00 contribution will create two Reefs Revealed pages with your banner add on each page. A $799 contribution provides a $100 discount and three reef pages will be created with your banner ad on each page. As a 501c3 organisation your contributions to TISIRI are tax deductible.

Simply choose which option is best for you below. During the checkout process please provide any specific information such as if you want to provide your own banner ad design and the link you want it directed to. If no information is provided we will make a custom banner ad with the information from the web link you provide.

The adds will be active 18 months from the date of the ad publication. TISIRI greatly appreciates your support.

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70 Ft.culverts, fuel tanks, barge

August 20th, 2011



Reef History:

This offshore Jacksonville reef was created in 1983 with concrete culvert material and metal fuel tanks (with their ends cut off). At a future date a metal barge was deployed at the reef site. If you look at the pictures and video above you will see evidence of the fuel tanks but they have eroded over the years in the harsh marine elements. See the pictures of the 1983 deployment below.


Goliath Grouper..

Divers encounter a Giant Goliath Grouper on this reef. Click on the grouper picture to see the video and read the post about the encounter with this massive animal.

Monster Toad Fish..

Divers encounter a large Toad fish on this reef. Click on the Toad fish picture to see the video and read the post about the encounter with this ugly fish.